About Us

We are Rhonda and Eddie Marshall.... we are a husband and wife photo production team, and we LOVE our job!

 We have specialized in Boudoir and Contemporary Glamour for over 25 years and had the pleasure of producing publications nation-wide. We are versed in the art of shooting beautiful women, and our talent and creative style are second to none. We are also a team of experts who will artfully master your make-up, hair and clothing style for each shoot. In other words, you will be in great hands every step of the way!!! We’ve got this!!! My husband and I have been together for over 28 years and have mastered this photography thing together…every step of the way



25 years shooting magazine layouts and covers World-wide!

   Back in the day, I was a model for Budweiser along with a slew of other bikini and body based companies….I put up with creepy photographers for years when finally I asked Eddie to see if he could photograph me instead; so he borrowed his fathers “film” camera and practiced on me for endless hours to perfect every shot….when my girlfriends saw his work, they loved it and asked him to shoot them too…I know, rough life huh??? LOL And so it began… our love affair with photography and shooting beautiful women! He even shot my Playboy lingerie submission which landed me several times in the magazine, and was a staff photographer for years with Penthouse Magazine and has had many publications and covers worldwide.

Photography is not just clicking a button…it is seeing the positions, angles and lighting along with the hundreds of other tiny details to make the perfect portrait. My days of shooting are LONG gone, but the things I learned along the way are things that I implement every day with our shoots and my attention to detail with your hair and make-up will show with every shot we take.

We collaborate with our clients on their likes, their tastes, needs, concepts and styles and then use our many years of experience and skills to give them the photos and looks they have always dreamed of!

Eddie and I pride ourselves on being the absolute best in the art of shooting beautiful women and we make an unstoppable team in this genre of photography. We are NOT your grandmother’s Boudoir for sure…our style is incredibly unique and fearless and we are always up to the challenge of creating something inspirational and jaw dropping.

Also, keeping up with today’s fast paced technology, we always have the latest programs, software and professional lighting on hand to enhance our world of creativity that places us in a realm of endless possibilities in the photo and video world. We also continually advance our education as photographers and are members of the Professional Photographers of Ohio. We have been told by everyone that we are a pleasure to work with and receive rave reviews from clients not only for our friendly professionalism but our cutting edge style and enjoyable, comfortable atmosphere that is part of every portrait experience.