Thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart! After struggling with quite a few things in my life I was really feeling down on myself, and then I saw your ad and decided that I needed to do something to make myself feel better and boy did it!!! This was so fun and my photos were gorgeous!  My hair and make-up looked amazing and this gave me such a boost of confidence. You two were hilarious and I thank you for making me feel at ease…the wine helped too! 🙂 Love you guys!!! Let’s do it again!!!                                                                                         

Carrie M.

I have often joked that they need to invent a word that is the opposite of “photogenic”, because the majority of pictures of me taken by friends and family tend to look awkward and make me feel unattractive. I was fortunate enough to have had experiences with professional photographers in the past, so I knew that I could have good pictures taken by someone who knew what they were doing. So, when I saw Satin Angel’s post on Facebook, I jumped at the opportunity. And I’m so glad I did! Not only did Rhonda and Eddie do a wonderful job making me comfortable, but they were so encouraging! The entire experience was so positive and affirming.  The pictures came out amazing. Every woman deserves to experience feeling like this!                             

Donna J.

This experience was AMAZING! I have never felt so alive and excited about myself and the way I looked. Satin Angels took great care of me from the time I walked in the door until I left and I literally felt like we had been friends for years. They helped me every step of the way and after a few minutes of nerves, it was so easy. I actually felt like I knew what I was doing…and I felt incredible! When I came back to see my pictures I literally cried and couldn’t believe it was really me! My album was beautiful and my husband loved it! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!   Thanks Rhonda and Eddie!!! .                                                                                      

Krystal. E

I had so much fun at my photo shoot!! Rhonda did such a good job with my makeup and with helping me decide what to wear. I felt completely comfortable and beautiful. My photos turned out better than I could have even imagined! I100% recommend them and would do it again in a heartbeat!                                                                               

Jessica S.