The Satin Angel Experience

Contemporary Glamour and Boudoir Sessions

The Mindset

Being a woman, you know the feeling of forgetting who you are sometimes. To have all other aspects of your life take over and start to lose sight of you as a person. You may even feel selfish when you want something for yourself. This is why we have created Satin Angel Studios. We offer a safe space for you to reveal your inner self, and help you feel empowered and beautiful. For you to say YES I want to look and feel amazing and not feel anxious about it. For you to give a special gift to yourself and maybe that special someone if they are lucky! Photography isn’t as simple as just taking photos, It’s taking the time to listen to your words and understanding your vision. To tear down the walls of fear that you have put up to avoid having your photo taken. It’s you allowing us to see your flaws, embrace them and move past them.  It’s our guidance through your session to reveal your inner beauty and for you to see it, recognize it and own it!  Together we will create magic!

Our number one concern when you walk through the door is comfort…especially with how your portraits will be taken. There is a huge misconception with the word “Boudoir”. It does NOT mean that you will be nude or even close to it for that matter unless you want to! Boudoir means :a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room: So beautiful intimate portraits with a bedroom type setting immediately comes to mind; along with a million other options for your idea of intimacy….

Women have a tendency to lose their identity over the years with life, children, work and society in general. Do not be afraid or ashamed to show your sexuality! Do not let someone else dictate how you are supposed to look or feel or act as a woman! Feel free to explore without judgement or guilt! This is your time to shine…to reach deep inside and find those feelings that you used to have; and in a place of no scrutiny or shame, express yourself in your own way, on your own terms and bring out those feelings of empowerment that every woman wants to feel….  bring back YOU!!!

The Consultation & Preparation

Moving forward on a session, we would love for you to come in for a personal consultation in order to not only meet you, but for us to show you our studio and boutique, as well as discuss all of the plans and ideas that you have in mind. The next step from there is all preparation for your exciting day in order to create an unforgettable experience! For more information and any additional questions, you can likely find answers to most here: 

Boudoir Sessions:

Our Boudoir portraits can stay as sweet and sexy as you like or as racy and risqué as you want…our ideas are endless and we’d love to hear yours! Boudoir is viewed differently by many, but is generally a little on the sexier side of photography. Our clients tend to wear intimate lingerie, garters and stockings bra and panties or nothing at all, but are strategically covered for an amazing tease. If you would like to be a bit more cute and playful, we can use your partners favorite shirt and tie, sports gear or any other fun, flirty or sentimental items you can think of.  Playful, Sexy, Glamorous Photography is our motto, so pick your poison!

Art Erotica Sessions:

If you are really daring and want to throw all caution to the wind, we can arrange an artful nude erotica set for you that is sure to steam up your partner, husband or lover! Most of these intimate portraits we can not show on our site, but there are a few hints at what we do. Still keeping extremely tasteful, we design cutting edge sets with extremely provocative posing that will stimulate the mind, body and soul…  These sessions are the reason we have a devilish tail and horns on our logo!

Contemporary Beauty & Glamour Sessions:

If racy and risqué is not your speed, we do spectacular Beauty & Glamour shoots as well. You don’t have to be in sexy lingerie to be amazing. Our stylists will work with you to select the perfect choices to represent you and we will create and capture your inner spirit and outer beauty in ways you never thought possible. All of you women out there that hate to get your portrait taken….I guarantee you will be happy, exhilarated, and have a new found confidence when you leave. Do it for yourself, or do it for someone else, but just DO IT!!!

Modeling Portfolio Sessions:

If you are looking for something different to add to your portfolio or create an entirely new one, we offer very creative and unique sets and styles for any of your modeling and portfolio needs. High fashion and glamour or girl next door, cutting edge lighting and make-up and interesting photoshop creativity will set you apart from the crowd and give you the extra looks that you need on your next interview.

Maternity Sessions:

If you want to do something truly spectacular and capture this blessed moment in time, we offer amazing and unique Maternity shoots to show the beauty and bliss of your belly and the incredible mom to be. Many times women will combine the Beauty and Boudoir sessions in order to create a unique blend of portraits to show off the body. This decision is all up to you of course and any ideas are welcomed. We like to have time with just the mommy to be on these, but hubby, partner and children are also invited to be part of the experience.

Fitness Sessions:

We offer an amazing opportunity for fitness buffs out there to show off their stuff with our incredible lighting techniques to bring out the best shadows and highlights in order to enhance your physique and muscle tone. Whether it be a personal milestone in your journey or for your professional brand, we have many options for to to choose from to create visuals of your success.

Professional make-up included
Professional hair styling included
On site boutique available
Lots of options to choose from! In all sizes
Large variety of theme options!
Star treatment throughout you day!

Your Shoot Day

Whether you’re celebrating something special for yourself such as a personal milestone birthday or a body achievement you may have reached – or you’re giving this as a fabulous gift to your significant other or husband to be…you will leave here feeling on top of the world after your shoot! You will be greeted with a hug at the door and your whirlwind day will begin with a glass of wine, bubbly, or your favorite beverage, and an array of fruit and snacks. Our talented hair and make-up artist will get started to enhance the beauty that you already have and then on to outfit and shoe choices from your own clothing…or feel free to shop and borrow in our boutique of dresses, lingerie, corsets, stockings, bras, panties, hanging shirts and wings; not to mention our accessories, jewelry and shoes! We will help you every step of the way in order to create not only stunning photographs, but the best version of you and your vision for the day!

Video presentation to kick things off!
Pick your favorites and decide effects!
Order your products and wall portraits!

The Presentation:

After time to prepare your gorgeous images (usually 1 to 2 weeks), you will return for a breathtaking reveal session of your top portraits from your shoot along with a presentation of your images in a video set to music. We will show you examples of our amazing effects and retouching as well as select your favorite images for your custom designed album, or one of our many other memorable products to choose from. If you thought the session was fun….just wait to see the results from your experience!!!

Framed Wall Portraits and Canvases!
Gift wrapped Products and gifts!
Albums and books of all sizes!
Many Products to fall in love with!

The Satin Angels Share:

Our beautiful clients are over-whelmed with the whirlwind experience that they receive at our studio….. this experience is life changing for some of them and they will talk about it and share their experience and portraits for years to come. Additional take aways are tips for hair and make-up, ways to look and feel sexier and a new found confidence and zest for life, not to mention many new friends!