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Why Choose Satin Angel Studios?

Choosing your boudoir or beauty photographer is a big decision, especially considering the intimate nature of this style of portraiture. Most women have never been in front of a camera this way before, and can often feel nervous and unsure, both feelings that will show in your photos if you are not comfortable with your photographer. Under the care of a true artist and professional, your comfort and ideas should be welcomed, not ignored. A Satin Angel photography session with us is a fun, friendly and professional experience. We work our hardest to make sure you look stunning and feel sexy. Rhonda is an excellent coach and will help you with posing and expressions to ensure that your photos showcase the most glamorous you and bring out your own personality and style!

• We have over two decades of experience with boudoir photography and styling.
• We have a great reputation with our clients.
• We are talented, professional, fun and friendly.
• We know how to put you at ease and make you feel completely comfortable, like you’re hanging out with close friends.
• We pride ourselves on having an impeccable eye for detail. We can see in a flash if your entire body is positioned in a flattering way or not and are sure to always spot that stray hair that’s out of place so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
• We use studio lighting for full control in creating your portraits with thoughtful intent. This helps to shape and sculpt your body, add drama, create sexy moods and make your skin look absolutely amazing in your photos.
• We are highly skilled with posing a woman’s physique to diminish any ‘perceived’ flaws and bring attention to your best assets.
• We have a large portfolio of work so you know what to expect with any style that you choose.
• We have fair, professional market pricing.
• We deliver a top-of-the-line product.
• We love building a special network with our clients and are excited to welcome you into our world.
• We ALWAYS go the extra mile with every shoot and take our time to make sure that every unique session is amazing!

Satin Angels believes in honesty, integrity and fun! We take pride in showcasing the beauty of all women from all walks of life and we look forward to discussing your session with you soon!